Maximize returns. Avoid additional risk.

Leverage the power of AI to optimize battery operation and manage risk.
The result: tolling agreements that improve your profitability.

Increasing complexity demands improved predictability

Given the increasing complexity and volatility of energy markets, achieving optimal results for storage systems is more challenging than ever. Owners of storage assets face even greater risk due to the difficulty of forecasting prices and accurately timing market participation. Moreover, the consequences of non-performance are significant.

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For BESS owners, operators, and investors, we optimally balance energy and ancillary service awards for revenue maximization while ensuring state of charge to fulfill obligations.

We have a range of offerings, from revenue sharing service agreements to long-term tolling contracts.

  • ISO scheduling coordination and market settlement
  • Resource trading and risk management
  • Asset performance & market update reports vis-a-vis baseline

Our service offering for storage asset owners typically involves revenue sharing. We also offer a long-term, fixed-price toll for select markets and volumes.

Why partner with us

Gridmatic is the leading company to leverage artificial intelligence to optimize renewable energy trades for storage operators.

In 2023, battery owners could have achieved 32% more revenue using the Gridmatic Battery Scheduler

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Mark Tholke

Managing Principal, GSR Energy

The storage industry is growing rapidly and asset owners need every possible advantage to stay competitive. AI is the next frontier and the team at Gridmatic is comprised of world-class experts that are defining the crossroads of electricity markets and AI.

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