clean energy

We’re fighting climate change head-on by applying AI to decarbonize the energy grid and make renewable energy accessible to all. Won’t you join us?

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A career choice with lasting impact


Gridmatic enables and reinforces a cycle of renewable energy growth

Renewable Energy Growth

Cost reductions and interest in clean energy drive up the penetration of wind and solar.

Balanced Grid

Increased certainty and reduced risk leads to greater acceptance and adoption of renewable energy.

Increased Variability

Variations in weather, which drives solar and wind energies, make it difficult to achieve a balanced grid.

Gridmatic AI-Optimized Markets

Gridmatic AI predicts supply and demand, optimizing clean energy performance and profitability.

Be part of a world-class team

Our team is made up of renowned experts from global companies in the fields of machine learning, energy, and climate tech.

Supporting our team where it matters

Health & Dental

We provide competitive health and dental benefits for all employees.

Lifelong Learning

We believe in lifelong learning and reimburse continuing education.

Your Cause = Our Cause

We will make an annual donation to your charity of choice, in your name.

Promoting Your Wellbeing

We encourage employees to take time off to relax and recharge.

Parental Leave

We offer paid parental leave for a newly born, adopted, or fostered child.

All Applicants Considered

We are open to sponsoring employees for immigration.

We’re hiring

We’re seeking superstars to help us catapult the next big thing in clean energy.

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